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Director's Corner: April 2014

On March 22, the National Law Enforcement Museum’s Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) had the opportunity to learn from a seasoned and innovative law enforcement professional. Major Randall Murphy (Ret.), Director of Advanced Immersion Technologies for Meggitt Training Systems, travelled from Georgia to present his experience in directing groundbreaking research on a gripping subject: combat stress and its effects on police officers in a virtual environment (and by extension, in the field). The presentation was truly eye-opening for our teachers—it provided insight into how hard it is for officers to make split-second decisions in extreme stress conditions. Major Murphy’s findings conveyed how vital simulated training is for officers, and how it saves lives.

We are thrilled that Meggitt Training Systems has generously agreed to donate one of their training simulators to the Museum. The simulator will be a key experience—the most immersive opportunity visitors will have to walk in an officer’s shoes. As part of their donation, Meggitt Training Systems is also giving the Museum and the Teacher Advisory Group access to some of their amazing trainers and researchers.

Major Murphy’s advice and input will ensure that this experience in the Museum will be the most authentic that visitors can have. The virtual experience may not be real, but it is intense. Visitors will be forewarned!



April Caption Contest  

Caption Contest

The Museum’s collection includes photographs that reveal law enforcement history—from national milestones to no-frills everyday routines. Some of Museum staff’s favorites are those mysterious photos that border on bizarre, posing the question, what is going on in this picture? Help us come up with the cleverest caption for this photo.

Congratulations to Rick D. for submitting last month's winning caption!

Check out the archive to see all the winning photos and captions so far.



Witness to History: DarkMarket Recap

DarkMarket Event Recap

This month, the National Law Enforcement Museum held the ninth event in our Witness to History series, sponsored by Target. For the second time, the Museum partnered with the International Spy Museum, our host for a great evening and fascinating program: DarkMarket & the FBI Agent who Became Master Splyntr.

The panel was moderated by Shawn Henry, former Assistant Director of the FBI and current President of CrowdStrike Services. Both panelists (J. Keith Mularski, FBI Supervisory Special Agent; and Kevin Poulsen, Investigations Editor of WIRED Magazine) brought unique perspectives to the DarkMarket case and the topic of cyber crime—from the view of an undercover agent who ran the site, and of a reporter (and former hacker).

Thank you to all who were able to join us! Read more and check out photos from the event.



History's Blotter: April 15, 1915  

History's Blotter

History's Blotter: April 15, 1915

The name The Black Hand or La Mano Nero used to strike terror in the hearts of newly immigrated Italians. For several decades around the turn of the last century, Black Hand gangs across the country posed threats, used bombs, and committed murder to wring thousands of dollars from small business owners.

Let's travel back to April 15, 1915, to learn about a moment in law enforcement history.


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