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Eye on Policing: How Body Cameras
Change Law Enforcement

Eye on Policing 2015 Newsletter

Body-worn cameras are becoming a required tool for police officers in the United States. Communities nationwide are creating mandates for new technology, and federal money is being directed to the implementation of body-worn camera programs. But how will body-worn cameras impact policing? What changes will police officers and the communities they serve experience? Can body-worn cameras solve the big issues like lack of trust, lack of accountability, and miscommunication? The National Law Enforcement Museum is bringing together law enforcement and policy experts to discuss these questions and more. Join the conversation on Tuesday, December 8th.

Officer Fatality Update
November 30, 2015

Newsletter Nov 2015 officer fatalities






Firearms   38
  46   -17%
Traffic   50   40   +25%
Other   29   20   +45%

The Memorial Fund partners with the Department of Justice (DOJ), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) VALOR program, designed to reduce felonious officer deaths. Check out more officer safety-related content.

'Respect due to fallen police officers'
The Washington Post published Memorial Fund Chairman and CEO Craig W. Floyd’s Letter to the Editor about the sacrifices of the officers killed in the line of duty this year.  Read it here.

Officer of the Month Award
The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has selected Sergeant Jay Cook, of the New York State Police, as the recipient of its Officer of the Month Award for November 2015. Learn more...
OTM November 2015 Newsletter

Holiday 2015 Supporter Discount Newsletter

Law Enforcement Appreciation Events
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Walking Tour Newsletter

Destination Zero

The Memorial Fund seeks information on innovative safety or wellness programs currently implemented for the physical and/or mental well-being of their officers. Agencies submitting information on safety and wellness programs for consideration for the 2016 National Officer Safety and Officer Wellness Award must provide their information and material no later than December 31, 2015. Submit your program now.

Destination Zero 2015 Newsletter

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