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The golden rule of fundraising is: You raise money when you ask for it. You don’t when you don’t.

Ask big. If you ask someone for $50, you might get $50, or you could get less. But if you ask someone for $5, you might get $5, but you probably won’t get any more than that. You don’t lose anything if someone says “no” to your request, or gives less than you ask for. But you are losing out on a potential donation if you don’t ask in the first place, or don’t ask for very much.

Write out a list of everyone you know. Relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates. Your doctor, dry cleaner, babysitter, auto mechanic, boss. The guy behind the counter at your local coffee shop, the woman ringing up your groceries, the librarian checking out your books. Each contact you have during the course of the day is a potential conversation you can have about your connection to law enforcement.

These are your potential donors. Don’t assume that someone wouldn’t be interested in donating. Sometimes the people you expect it from the least will surprise you and donate the most.

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