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Your efforts will help honor the memory of fallen heroes by supporting the Memorial Fund's ongoing efforts to reduce officer deaths and promote law enforcement safety.

When you reach your fundraising minimum requirement of $54, you will be rewarded with a Ride & Run to Remember T-shirt. 

As you continue your fundraising, there are more fundraising rewards in store:

  • $163 – Sports Duffel Bag
    163 officers were added to the Memorial in 2011
  • $362 – Long-Sleeved Training Shirt, plus Sports Duffel Bag
    362 names were added to the Memorial in 2012 (2011 Line of Duty Deaths and historical cases)
  • $500 – Jersey (for riders) or Fleece (for runners), plus Long-Sleeved Training Shirt and Sports Duffel Bag
    $500 can cover the cost to engrave two names on the Memorial

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