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Team Tips & Tools

Ask your friends, family and co-workers to join your team—then ask them to ask others to join as well. Before you know it, you may find 5, 10 or even 50 people who want to join you on the Ride & Run to Remember.

When you ask for a donation, you may get $10 or $50. However, when you ask someone to participate, you have recruited a fundraiser who will bring even more funds and awareness to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

How to Ask:

  • Email your friends and family from your Participant Center, inviting them to join your team.
  • Change your Facebook status message, send a tweet or update your personal blog.
  • Host a team recruitment party at your house, or a lunch at your workplace.
  • Host a barbecue, or organize a neighborhood bike ride.
  • Pass out our Recruitment Flyer (coming soon!) at your office, school or place of worship.

Each time a new team member comes on board, make sure they know the name of your team. If they register online, they should select the “Join a Team” option, and select your team name from the list of registered teams. If new team members have already registered for the Ride & Run to Remember, they must email to join a team.

Fundraising With Your Team
As part of a team, you can benefit from your team members’ advice and encouragement, have a wider resource pool of potential donors from which to pull from and they can band together to pull off group fundraising activities. Set a fundraising goal for your team as a group, and work together to achieve it. The top fundraising team and largest team will be rewarded on the event.

Team Fundraising Ideas:

  • Make a Team Flag/Banner and Have Donors Sign It
  • Neighborhood Garage and/or Bake Sale
  • Make (and sell) Team T-shirts
  • Pot Luck Lunch or Dinner Party
  • Set up a Table at a Local Business
  • Benefit Night a Local Restaurant
  • Live/Silent Auction

Team Captain Guide 
Business Cards - Teams
Team Fundraising Flyer (Ride)
Team Fundraising Flyer (Run)
Ride Recruitment Flyer
Run Recruitment Flyer