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With the tragic events over the last several years and the staggering losses of men and women in blue (140 Police Officers killed in 2016). Many of you are angry and some of you are discouraged with the current state of affairs in our nation. These are rough times, no doubt.  We saw it live on the evening news in Dallas, Texas. Officers running toward danger to protect each other... and those around them. Law Enforcement are the only ones who run towards the gunfire to protect the people from it without regard for their own lives.  Most of us don't do this job for a pat on the back. We do it for the men and women that stand next to us everyday. Those same men and women that would stand shoulder to shoulder with us to walk through hell, protect and serve, watch your six and each others and keep the wolves off the doorstep. Whatever may come, we will face it together.........

 Please support me as I take a stand behind the brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day to protect the public.

I’m a part of the Run for the Badge because law enforcement officers support us every day, and every 60 hours an officer makes the ultimate sacrifice for public safety. I’m showing my support by participating and I hope you’ll help me by making a generous donation toward my fundraising goal.